Gabriele Lodi - Considérations sur la copie Domingo Esteso 1930



"Making this guitar for me means really many important things..In fact it was the first XXè century spanish guitar I had chance to collect, restore and enjoy to play a lot!


Of course it carried me in to the magical world of the Madrid sound on which I'm still in love!!


So in this guitar I try to obtain the most authentic sound I understand from the original one, staying with her from 1999.


The construction is exactly based up to the original guitar, include set up that is very important details to get this particular sound:  bridge saddle have to be very low to trained(by string tension) top moving in order to have a fast and reactive sound response and the typical personality of the guitars from this time made in Madrid (see pic 1) . 




picture 1

So I save as much more possible this balance in the bridge (where sound origin) and I agled the fingerboard line in order to reduce buzzing problems as less possible as the classical repertoire requirement with strings in use today. 


It's a fully classical model from Esteso witch have same size and dimensions of Santos one but of course with the special gently and romantic tone of him. 


The top is made with 50 years old spruce, selected because it's very similar to the original one. The back and sides is made with 40 years old indian rosewood.


The guitar has 7 fans structs with only one struct closing at the bottom. (see pic 2) "


picture 2

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